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Informasi Industri

Geotextile construction method and steps


I. Qingji, slope repair, lofting construction process and method

1. Repair slopes and clean foundations; Before carrying out construction work for slope protection workers, we should first implement the clean foundation operation, treat the places to be constructed, and clean up the turf and branches in the construction area. After the basic preparations were obtained by the supervisors and visas, the construction of the tooth wall and the construction of the cushion and masonry was started. The construction area was determined according to the drawings during the slope construction, and the slope repair samples were placed well and the slopes were properly disposed. Treat it to keep it flat. If the construction period is long, you can use a subsection method.

2. Lofting and construction: Located on the top of the bank embankment, put temporary level piles between 50 and 100 meters apart. This is regarded as proof of setting out. Located in the cross-section of the embankment, between 20 and 30 meters apart, the height and slope of the slope protection plan are determined by placing and breaking piles, and the piles are piled up in a row. At the same time, the slope length is In a row of 3 piles of 3, the construction process is from top to bottom.

Second, the preparation of stone masonry materials

The stone used for masonry should be selected from Huaiyuan or Fengtai Stone. The shape and size of the stone and the material must be based on the requirements of the planning and the construction standardization. At the same time, the supervision personnel must also be obtained. It is recognized that the signing of the purchase intention contract will be signed well in the early stage, and the preparation of the material will be completed at the same time.

Third, gravel cushion and sand cushion paving construction

Gravel material should be Huaiyuan stone or Huainan stone. The place and size of gravel cushion and sand cushion should be constructed according to the requirements of the construction drawings. In the construction of the construction of the cushion material can not be separated from the particles, while avoiding impurities and different specifications of the material into the inside. Adjacent layers must have a smooth surface and a clear hierarchy. At the same time, the rear height of the layer must not be smaller than the designed thickness.

Four, dry block stone construction

Its construction is the use of flat joints and masonry. In the process of masonry construction, the broad side of the stone should be kept parallel to the lateral surface of the slope. Simultaneously, before the masonry construction, it should be put on trials. In some places to be repaired, there is a gap in the corner of the masonry, we can use a small piece of stone to plug it tightly.

The position of the edge of the dry stone is very easy to damage, so the edge of the edge of the operation is more important, in the position of the top of the slope, we should use a large and very square stones to build our edge, In order to make our mouth less easily damaged.

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